Father's Day Fun

On Father's Day, Jason, Ethan and I went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was really beautiful!

Our Trip to the Beach

On Saturday, we decided to take a trip downtown to the beach. We got there a little late, so we just hung out for a bit.

Ethan was hungry (like usual), so he decided to eat a handful of sand. Totally gross, but at least he tried chewing before swallowing!

A Very Busy Weekend, Part 3

Once we got home from the "after party," Ethan was ready for a nap. When he woke up, he was really warm, so I took his tempurature. It was 102 degrees!!

We called the pediatrician, and talked to the on-call doctor, Dr. Wiseburg. She recommended that we take him to the ER for some testing.

Luckily, he just had that nasty virus that's going around and not anything worse. He was sick for about a week... it was so sad!

A Very Busy Weekend, Part 2

Then we participated in the Ronald McDonald Run/ Walk for Hope...

After, everyone went over to Chris and Rikki's house. Ethan and his cousin, Maggie, were worn out!

A Very Busy Weekend

A couple of weeks ago, we had to move out of our apartment and into a storage unit since our condo wasn't ready yet. Danielle, Justin, Natalie, and Blake came over to help us out. They were a BIG help!


Oh So Cute!

Wow! We already got the proofs from Ethan's First Photo Shoot! I'm so, so happy with them. The pictures really display Ethan's personality and just how cute he is.

The photographer, April Kitchin, did a wonderful job. The colors are so vibrant, and Ethan looks precious. I'm excited to order some prints!

She even wrote about the day on her blog. You can get some peeks of the pictures here: April's Blog.


He's a Model... A Baby Model!

On Sunday, Jason and I took Ethan to his very first photo shoot! It was so much fun and I'm excited to see the photos!

We had the pleasure of working with April Kitchin Photography. We took some really fun shots, and April's ideas were adorable. It's hard to tell she has only been doing this for over a year.

I did come up with one of the ideas, though, which I think will turn out amazing! Jason has a million ties, so I thought it would be adorable to get Ethan in a tie and just a diaper. I'm so excited to see how they turn out!

Ethan really liked April!

He even gave her a big hug!

Thanks April!!