Ethan Update!

Sad to say, it has been some time since I have last blogged. I definitely could blog everyday about something new and wonderful that Ethan is doing, but I just get so busy and wrapped up with the day-to-day.

Here are the updates on E:

Weight: almost 26 lbs (I just looked in my baby book, and I did not weight that until age three!)

Words: "no, no" he even scrunches up his nose when he says it... hilarious! (there have been others "words" but I think this is the most clear, and he actually knows what it means!)

Eats: new foods are white potato, butternut squash, mac-n-cheese (sad, but it was the healthiest option at a restaurant we went to), and strawberries. His normal day of food includes 3-4 bottles, two veggies, two fruits, yogurt/ cheese, cereal (a homemade combo of oatmeal/rice and lentils), and some snacks.

Size: Ethan is wearing 18-24 months clothes!

Teeth: Finally! Five teeth!

Funny Stuff: I was cleaning the other day and set (2) three pound hand weights on the floor. He reaches down, grabs one with each hand, and then continues to lift them both off the floor. That's more than 23% of his body weight that he lifted! Oh, my little BamBam!

Not So Funny: He is so busy, that it is impossible to get him to take more than a five minute bath. After about two minutes, he is standing up and trying to climb out. (yeah, yeah, I'm sure this is funny to everyone but me!)

And of course...



Ethan's Showing His Best Blue Steel

Our little boy is so cute, we just couldn't resist the opportunity to make him the next Baby Gap model... so we entered him in the Gap Casting Call.

Please place your votes and help support Ethan. You can vote for each one of his pics at this link:


We appreciate the support!!

OH, and while you're there, please vote for his adorable baby cousin, Maggie:



Walkin' the Walk!

Ethan is officially walking!

He took his first step on September 18th, but today he's been walking all over the place. He's still a little shaky, but it's so cute!

Here's a video - sorry it's sideways:


Good Morning!

I just bought Ethan these adorable Monkey Football Player pajamas. Aren't they the cutest? Well, maybe it's just because the model is sooooo cute!


His First Step!

Friday night Jason and I were getting everything together for our trip to Central Illinois for Emily's wedding. A little before we left, Jason was holding Ethan's hand so he could stand. I squatted down, and...


On Monday, we went to a church event and I went down to check on Ethan (they told me he was crying, but I found out when I got down there that they got the wrong mom!). When he saw me, he speed crawled over to me.

When he got to me he pulled himself up on my jeans, and he squeezed my knees harder than he ever had. He didn't want to let go! So I grabbed his arms and unwrapped him, then took a step back. He stood for a second, took two steps to me, and wrapped his arms back around my knees.

I felt so bad leaving him, but I was so excited that he walked...again!!


Happy 9 Month B-Day Ethan!!

In celebration of Ethan's 9 months, I wanted to post some videos of his first days.






Fun Phone Pics

Ethan just loves my phone. He gets so excited when he sees the pictures, so we have lots of fun taking pics!

Here are some of the recent phone pics:



Some fun shots of Ethan from a month ago.


We're Back!

I've been horrible about blogging lately. It has been extremely busy lately with our new home, my new schedule, and Ethan's new daycare. By the time we get home, we play, then it's off to bed. On the weekends, we just try to get things done around the house.

Plus, I keep forgetting my memory card to upload new pics and videos. I promise, this week, I will have more info.

Just to keep you up-to-date, with what's going on in Ethan's world. Here's some info:

  • Ethan is 8 months old!!!
  • He has his bottom two teeth, but we think the top two are trying to breakthrough for their big debut.
  • Ethan has been crawling for a while, but he is really starting to move out.
  • He is pulling up on everything, so he can stand and walk around.
  • He dances to music (so cute!)
  • Ethan really wants to talk, he's trying really hard!
  • I believe he can say "baba" for bottle and if I ask him if he wants a baba he will start whining and say "bababababababa!"
  • He's a giant baby (like always, but he's like 22lbs+ already)
  • Ethan is eating more and more finger foods - he loves eating.
  • He does not have a sweet tooth! (Lucky guy!!)
  • His "strawberry" is still there, but it seems to have stopped growing.
  • Ethan loves music! He was dancing away to Frank Sinatra!!
Okay, that's it for now!


Father's Day Fun

On Father's Day, Jason, Ethan and I went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was really beautiful!

Our Trip to the Beach

On Saturday, we decided to take a trip downtown to the beach. We got there a little late, so we just hung out for a bit.

Ethan was hungry (like usual), so he decided to eat a handful of sand. Totally gross, but at least he tried chewing before swallowing!

A Very Busy Weekend, Part 3

Once we got home from the "after party," Ethan was ready for a nap. When he woke up, he was really warm, so I took his tempurature. It was 102 degrees!!

We called the pediatrician, and talked to the on-call doctor, Dr. Wiseburg. She recommended that we take him to the ER for some testing.

Luckily, he just had that nasty virus that's going around and not anything worse. He was sick for about a week... it was so sad!

A Very Busy Weekend, Part 2

Then we participated in the Ronald McDonald Run/ Walk for Hope...

After, everyone went over to Chris and Rikki's house. Ethan and his cousin, Maggie, were worn out!

A Very Busy Weekend

A couple of weeks ago, we had to move out of our apartment and into a storage unit since our condo wasn't ready yet. Danielle, Justin, Natalie, and Blake came over to help us out. They were a BIG help!


Oh So Cute!

Wow! We already got the proofs from Ethan's First Photo Shoot! I'm so, so happy with them. The pictures really display Ethan's personality and just how cute he is.

The photographer, April Kitchin, did a wonderful job. The colors are so vibrant, and Ethan looks precious. I'm excited to order some prints!

She even wrote about the day on her blog. You can get some peeks of the pictures here: April's Blog.


He's a Model... A Baby Model!

On Sunday, Jason and I took Ethan to his very first photo shoot! It was so much fun and I'm excited to see the photos!

We had the pleasure of working with April Kitchin Photography. We took some really fun shots, and April's ideas were adorable. It's hard to tell she has only been doing this for over a year.

I did come up with one of the ideas, though, which I think will turn out amazing! Jason has a million ties, so I thought it would be adorable to get Ethan in a tie and just a diaper. I'm so excited to see how they turn out!

Ethan really liked April!

He even gave her a big hug!

Thanks April!!


Swimming Fun!

Ethan and I are enrolled in a Parent/ Child Swimming Class, which mostly consists of playing games. It's just a way to get him used to the water. Unfortunately, I think he would enjoy it more if the water wasn't so chilly.

We did the back float, front float, and just played in the water. Here are some of the pics...

Time To Eat - Take Three!


My First Picnic!

Hmm, This is New...

Just Let Me Do It, Mom!

Mmm, Pretty Good!

Time to Eat - Take Two

Starting to Enjoy Cereal!

Still a Little Confused on What Not to Eat...

And, Apparently Over the Photo Shoot!

Time To Eat - Take One


Buckled Up and Ready To Eat!

A Little Confused on Just What to Eat...

Getting Frustrated!

Time For the Guilt Trip... Cue the Tears!