Ethan Update!

Sad to say, it has been some time since I have last blogged. I definitely could blog everyday about something new and wonderful that Ethan is doing, but I just get so busy and wrapped up with the day-to-day.

Here are the updates on E:

Weight: almost 26 lbs (I just looked in my baby book, and I did not weight that until age three!)

Words: "no, no" he even scrunches up his nose when he says it... hilarious! (there have been others "words" but I think this is the most clear, and he actually knows what it means!)

Eats: new foods are white potato, butternut squash, mac-n-cheese (sad, but it was the healthiest option at a restaurant we went to), and strawberries. His normal day of food includes 3-4 bottles, two veggies, two fruits, yogurt/ cheese, cereal (a homemade combo of oatmeal/rice and lentils), and some snacks.

Size: Ethan is wearing 18-24 months clothes!

Teeth: Finally! Five teeth!

Funny Stuff: I was cleaning the other day and set (2) three pound hand weights on the floor. He reaches down, grabs one with each hand, and then continues to lift them both off the floor. That's more than 23% of his body weight that he lifted! Oh, my little BamBam!

Not So Funny: He is so busy, that it is impossible to get him to take more than a five minute bath. After about two minutes, he is standing up and trying to climb out. (yeah, yeah, I'm sure this is funny to everyone but me!)

And of course...


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