New York City 2011

Last year, Ethan and Mommy took an amazing trip to NYC, so... why not try it again?! We aren't going through a major whirlwind of life changes like we were last year and our time would only be limited to five days, but hey, we know how to make the best of life.

Day 1:
We got in early, left our bags at the hotel and headed straight to my favorite place - Central Park! The lush surroundings, the Pond, the street performers, and THE CAROUSEL, what's not to love!!!

When we took a break to have lunch, we noticed groups of business people on the street. I overheard one man say they were evacuated because of an earthquake. Huh, an EARTHQUAKE... we didn't feel a thing!

Later we went off to Time Square and then to the gorgeous, Chelsea Pier for sites and Chelsea Market for a bite to eat.

Day 2:
We headed to grab a bagel and then went to hang out by Rockefeller Center to eat our breakfast. Next we decided to take the train to Battery Park where we took the NYC Water Taxi to see the one and only, Statue of Liberty.

From there we got off at South Street Seaport and headed to the G.E. solar powered carousel "Carousolar." That was probably one of the coolest things I've experienced... a carousel, powered solely by the sun!

Later that evening, we went back to Central Park to play and then to Toys R Us Time Square to ride the ferris wheel. If you've never been to NYC, this is a great place to take kids... the store is so big that the ferris wheel is right inside.

Day 3:
Mommy had to squeeze in a business lunch, so our amazing friend, Jen, took Ethan for a couple hours. Later that day, we headed to Serendipity for ice cream, well, Frozen Hot Chocolate to be exact. For any of you romantics out there, yes, from the movie:)

Loosen those buttons... Before ice cream, we checked out Dylan's Candy Bar, where the stairs are really made of candy. Just amazing. For dinner, we headed to S'Mac to indulge in gourmet mac'n'cheese...mmm.

Day 4:
The Hamptons!!! Or maybe not. Since Hurricane Irene (yes, two natural disasters in a four day trip) was on her way, we had to cancel our plans to visit my friends beach house. We spent most of the morning changing plans in attempt to get back home early. That stunk, but we still had time for a little fun.

We made our way to Union Square where we played at the playground, grabbed some food, and watched a bunch of people dance to old school music to raise money for children. After that, we walked to SoHo for a bit of last minute shopping.

Max Brenner's chocolate restaurant was up the street by Union Station, so we walked there for dinner. Ethan was sound asleep when we got there. And after my server decided not to put my order in until his replacement came 15 minutes later, I figured it was better to say goodbye to the idea of another gluttonous meal. So back to the hotel we went.

Our final moments in NYC were a bit crazy. When we got to the airport, they told us that my reservation had not be changed and we could "try" to fly standby. If we didn't get on this plane, we probably wouldn't have another change to fly out until after the hurricane had made it's mark.

At 8:45pm (the flight was set for 9pm and we were at the airport at 6pm), they finally told us that we would be able to make the flight. Then the crew told us that there would be a 20 minute delay for a maintenance check.

Finally we were on the plane to go home! We sat by three lovely girls who entertained us the entire way home. Though the Flight Attendants and a few grumps next to us didn't enjoy our happy disposition, we didn't let that stop us from giggling and taking photos for the next two hours. hehe;)


E & T

p.s. Spirit Airline SUCKS!!!