Some fun shots of Ethan from a month ago.


We're Back!

I've been horrible about blogging lately. It has been extremely busy lately with our new home, my new schedule, and Ethan's new daycare. By the time we get home, we play, then it's off to bed. On the weekends, we just try to get things done around the house.

Plus, I keep forgetting my memory card to upload new pics and videos. I promise, this week, I will have more info.

Just to keep you up-to-date, with what's going on in Ethan's world. Here's some info:

  • Ethan is 8 months old!!!
  • He has his bottom two teeth, but we think the top two are trying to breakthrough for their big debut.
  • Ethan has been crawling for a while, but he is really starting to move out.
  • He is pulling up on everything, so he can stand and walk around.
  • He dances to music (so cute!)
  • Ethan really wants to talk, he's trying really hard!
  • I believe he can say "baba" for bottle and if I ask him if he wants a baba he will start whining and say "bababababababa!"
  • He's a giant baby (like always, but he's like 22lbs+ already)
  • Ethan is eating more and more finger foods - he loves eating.
  • He does not have a sweet tooth! (Lucky guy!!)
  • His "strawberry" is still there, but it seems to have stopped growing.
  • Ethan loves music! He was dancing away to Frank Sinatra!!
Okay, that's it for now!