It's Been a While, but We're Back... New Ethan Update

Has it really been two months since I last posted? Did I not do the fabulous First Birthday Celebration post that I had planned on since Ethan's DOB?? Well, I hope I haven't disappointed you all as much as I've disappointed myself...

So let's see. We had a condo-full of many friends and family for Ethan's first b-day! The theme was "Winter ONEderland." Snowflakes and white lights were hung on the ceiling, and the menu was all comfort food.

We had a hot chocolate bar, grilled cheese bar, eggnog, and other appetizers. And the best part, Central Continental Bakery created a truly unique cake to celebrate the occasion! I came up with the design, and they really took my visualization to reality. Ethan's "smash cake" wasn't as beautiful, but he didn't seem to mind!

He also had his one year check-up. As always, he's a very, very big boy! Here are the stats:

Heights: 31 inches (99th percentile)
Weight: 26 1/2 lbs (90th percentile)

What's new? Ethan is getting really good at signing. He can do: eat, milk, more, please, and book. He said "Mama, Mama" right to me the other day when he was getting his diaper changed. Other words he says are: no, bubba (for the cat at his daycare), uh oh, cheese (sounds more like teese), up (sound like yup), and ni-night (usually he says it to get his pacifier since he gets that at bedtime).

When I say "Ready," he replies "Go!"

That's about it for now. I'll get some additional pics up soon!

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