Ethan Loves NYC!

With the start of 2010 being closer to a soap opera than real life, Ethan and I were ready for a vacation. I called my friend Jennifer, discussed plans, bought tickets, and flew off to New York City for a change of scenery.

Unfortunately, Ethan decided to become a toddler just days before his first vacation, and thus, his first flight. I was a little nervous when our flight was delayed, and even more nervous when he started getting bored before takeoff.

Despite my concerns and some momentary spouts of tantrums, Ethan was relatively good on the flight. I would love to claim success because of my fantastic planning, but in reality, the guy that sat next to us deserves all of the credit. Not only did he pull a random plastic motorcycle out of his computer bag, but he also let Ethan play with his calculator and the case for his reading glasses.

Our trip was filled with walking around Manhattan, people watching at Time Square and on the subway, enjoying the sites in Central Park, and soaking up the culture of NYC. Oh, we also went to a Yankees game! It was my attempt at making up for all of the shopping in Soho... he already hates shopping.

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