His First Step!

Friday night Jason and I were getting everything together for our trip to Central Illinois for Emily's wedding. A little before we left, Jason was holding Ethan's hand so he could stand. I squatted down, and...


On Monday, we went to a church event and I went down to check on Ethan (they told me he was crying, but I found out when I got down there that they got the wrong mom!). When he saw me, he speed crawled over to me.

When he got to me he pulled himself up on my jeans, and he squeezed my knees harder than he ever had. He didn't want to let go! So I grabbed his arms and unwrapped him, then took a step back. He stood for a second, took two steps to me, and wrapped his arms back around my knees.

I felt so bad leaving him, but I was so excited that he walked...again!!

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