He's Gonna Be a Soccer Player

For anyone who has a love for Billy Madison, I bet the title of this post caught your eye. And for those who have no idea who Billy Madison is... ah, well, err, never mind.

The baby has been kicking like a lot lately. Last night while laying on the couch, the baby's favorite kicking position, he was really moving around in there. Jason even had a chance to feel some nice hard kicks.

We are 21+ weeks along, and progressing wonderfully! At my last OB appointment, I was told that our little guys might end up being a big one. So we are looking at a 7 1/2 or 8 lb. baby come December! I'm hoping for the 7 1/2.

No wonder he's kicking so hard, I've only gained five pounds or so and he's above average. Our poor baby is probably running out of space!

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