Time to Eat

*Wow, this post was created at least a month ago...sorry for the delay!

At Ethan's four month check-up, Dr. Zarate told us we can start giving him rice cereal. Once a day, just so he can start practicing this new eating technique.

Well, my little monster has once again proven to me that he is just that, a monster. I usually only get about one good spoonful in his mouth. The majority of other bites consist of him grabbing the spoon and shoving it into his mouth, and then chewing on the spoon.

But we were able to take some good videos!

**Update, Ethan just had his first serving of Oatmeal last Sunday. He loved it! I have a feeling this boy is not going to turn down ANY food. Or at least I hope not!

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Danielle said...

Hey Ethan, you think that's good.... just wait until you have sweet potatoes. They're my fav! Love, blake